MIKE Award Background

To boosts organizations’ Innovation and knowledge-based management capability, INCKM holds The Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise Award; in association with Global MIKE award Community.

MAKE Award as the foundation for MIKE Award

Inaugurated in 1998, the Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise (MAKE) Award has been conducted by Teleos (a foremost independent research company in knowledge management and intellectual capital areas) in association with the KNOW network every year in which a myriad of pioneer organizations from North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania and beyond take part annually. To further cast the practice of innovative enterprises from any size, MAKE award was updated to MIKE award and presented a more flexible benchmark which seek to recognize organizations that out-perform their peers in innovation performance whereby create shareholder’s wealth by transforming tacit and explicit enterprise knowledge and intellectual capital into superior products/services/solutions.

It consists of the annual National and Global MIKE Award - the international benchmark for best practice innovative knowledge organizations, and similar studies at regional/national levels. The winners of the Global MIKE Award are selected by an expert panel comprising of business executives from Fortune 500 companies, leading knowledge-management practitioners and academia as well as intellectual capital experts.

Recognition in the award and Global Study are two aspects of the MIKE study.

To recapitulate, the purpose of the MIKE Award is to:

  • Recognise the achievement of companies and organizations on their innovation performance as result of their effort in implementing good practices in knowledge and intellectual capital management. Successful applicants will be recognized as a Global MIKE 100 organisations.
  • Offer an opportunity for companies/organizations to learn from one another to enhance their practices, and provide an opportunity for the organization to conduct a self-assessment with reference to other organizations on knowledge and innovation processes
  • For applicants to receive expert feedback from the hosting organization for their continuous improvement, and benchmark worldwide practices.
  • Join an annual networking forum with like-minded companies

The criteria for the MIKE Award are based on the original MAKE framework, but with an emphasis on innovation. The common framework of assessment considers sustainability factors leading to innovation performance so that a comparison in a global base and benchmarking studies can be carried out.

Criteria Intellectual Capital Element
1. Empowering knowledge workers for innovation Intellectual Capital Element: Human Capital (HC)
2. Strategizing, visioning and transformative leadership Intellectual Capital Element: Human Capital (HC)
3. Creating client and user expectations/needs/experiences Intellectual Capital Element: Relational Capital (RC)
4. Developing internal & external networks and connectivity Intellectual Capital Element: Relational Capital (RC)
5. Cultivating organizational innovative culture Intellectual Capital Element: Structural Capital (SC) – Innovation Capital
6. Investing and delivering knowledge-based products/services/solutions Intellectual Capital Element: Structural Capital (SC) – Innovation Capital
7. Enforcing knowledge practices and systems for knowledge creation Intellectual Capital Element: Structural Capital (SC) – Process Capital
8. Implementing creative and virtual space to create stakeholder value Intellectual Capital Element: Structural Capital (SC) – Process Capital

Part B - Innovation Performance

  • New products/new services/new business models developed
  • Market share/new product sales
  • Patents/licenses/loyalties
  • Revenues /incomes/turnover
  • Customer/client satisfaction
  • Prizes/awards/honors, etc.
  • Patents/ publications/new ideas etc.

Iran MIKE Award

Iran Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprises (MIKE) study is part of Global MIKE Research program. Organized in Iran by School of graduate Studies in Business management and Entrepreneurship (SBE) in collaboration with Sharif University of Technology collectively known as INCKM, the network and foundation is expanded from MAKE award study established in 2011 to recognize organizations for their ability to create shareholder value (or in the case of public and non-profit organizations, to increase stakeholder value) by transforming new as well as existing enterprise knowledge into superior products/services/solutions.

Every attempt is made to make the judgments unbiased by calling for inquiries from the invited expert to declare the name of nominees to which they are affiliated or has had any kind of relation include financial and non- financial transactions. The criteria on Iran MIKE award questionnaire and Global MIKE award are normalized based on the importance of each criterion as per nominee's business context. Therefore, regardless of the organization's industry, MIKE award considers their efforts and pertinent results without any bias toward the highly dynamic industries.

Apply for National and Global MIKE Nomination:

To participate in the award and assessment, please contact us at info@sbe.ir or info@inckm.org to receive the questionnaire and agreement.

Having submitted your application along with the application fee of €1,000 to Iran MIKE award, your organization will be assessed by Iran MIKE expert panel and ranked against other Iran MIKE award nominees. The top ranked entities are then introduced by Iran MIKE to enter Global MIKE award competition. The Global winners are privileged to benefit from their recognition as the top 100 Most Innovative Enterprises title, on any of their promotions, annual report, website, etc.

Click here to visit the organizer information at Global MIKE award website and learn about the network consisting other national organizers.

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