To thrive in today’s uncertain and highly competitive business environment, the companies need leaders who possess the ability of innovative and flexible thinking, decision making and acumen to respond proactively to the changes and challenges they have to deal with every day. As one of the largest centers for executive management training in Middle East and Central Asia, KMSchool offers a wide spectrum of official training programs accredited by international universities and institutes from all around the globe.

Annually, several Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs, Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) programs, workshops and master classes are being held by our subsidiaries in Turkey, Tajikestan, Iran, and Iraq and receive great approval not only from the companies that are willing to strengthen their intellectual capital but also the individuals who need career take off. Up to now more than 500 MBA, DBA, mini MBA, short courses, workshops and master classes have been designed and delivered successfully by our subsidiaries on different aspects of business management.

Having tight connections to high ranked international business schools and institutes together with INCKM’s powerful network of industry experts and international advisors, this school has turned into a reference for organizations of all sectors to empower and nurture their human resource in more intensified and focused programs and improve their staffs competencies and capabilities.

One of the distinguishing aspects of KMSchool’s programs is that they can be tailored to each company's specific objectives and be customised according to their strength and weaknesses.

Both individuals and companies can apply for executive programs offered by KMschool. For more information about the programs that are available at your region please use the contact form and select KMschool with your request as the subject line.

To name some of our international contributors in KMSchools programs:

Professor Steven D'Souza
IE Business School
Josef Hofer-Alfeis
University of Augsburg
Richard Granger
Royal Holloway, University of London
Peter Bryant
IE Business School

Kun Chang Lee
Sungkyunkwan University
Klaus North
Wiesbaden Business School
Manfred Bornemann
Karl Franzens University
John Dumay
Macquarie University
Chris Collison
Knowledgeable Ltd.
Hussein Akhavannik

Kent Greenes
Greenes Consulting
Risook Choi
Samsung SDS

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