Global Path

"GlobalPath" offers a conglomeration of international training and improvement tool and services that enhances the level to which INCKM offers services in the region.

Forming and maintaining long term positive relationships with the most prominent certified educational and research centers and international best practice organizations as well as inviting eminent experts on knowledge- based management from all over the globe, this department plays an important role in boosting knowledge-based management state in the organizations of all sectors in the region and nurturing human resource that are considered as the most important assets of organizations.

For instance some of the delivered programs by Global Path are as follow:

  • Holding 35 Knowledge- based Management Network Congresses in different partner's location each by presentations of former consultants and CKOs of pioneer companies such as Siemens، BP، NASA، Shell، Schlumberger، Phillips, etc.
  • Holding more than 30 international presentations by professors, experts and managers of best practice organizations in three round of Value adding Management of Knowledge, Innovation and Intellectual capital Management
  • Holding Master classes and presentations by university professors from Ausburg, Moscow, INSEAD, Oxford, IE, …
  • Knowledge Management workshop by Samsung’ CKO and SVT group
  • Two rounds of benchmarking visits to S. Korea
  • Knowledge Management Workshop in Sungkyunkwan University
  • Holding participation tour of region’s delegates in 13th and 14th World Knowledge Forum
  • Knowledge- based Management visits to Spain
  • Holding participation tour in 2nd HRcoreLAB comprised of seminars on Recruitment and Employer Branding, Leading with Talent, Performance Management through People
  • Benchmarking visits to Spanish best Practice organizations such as Tales, Indra, Uría Menéndez
  • Workshop in IE business School, Madrid
  • Master class by Managing director of Knowledgable Ltd., Dr. Ing. Hofer Alfeis, Prof. Klaus North, Prof. john Dumay, Prof. Peter Bryant
  • International training sessions in Dedicated Improvement plans for Asian MAKE Finalists in India, Iran, Hong Kong and Singapore
  • Workshop in Passau University
  • Germany Knowledge Management Experience Exchange Tour 2014
  • Participation in three rounds of Asian MAKE ceremony in S. Korea and Hong Kong Participation in Hong Kong and China best practice sharing visits

Benchmarking Visits

GlobalPath, International Relations Department at International Center for Knowledge- based Management (INCKM), creates and maintains links to the scholars and professors with ground breaking pragmatic researches, business and industry expert and practitioner from pioneer enterprises to deliver global level services and products. It offers a conglomeration of international training and improvement tool and services that enhances the enterprises ability to learn and share their best practices and breakthrough their obstacles in business.

One of the valuable services offered by GlobalPath in INCKM is benchmarking visits to international best practice organizations and overseas recruitment programs regarding knowledge, innovation and intellectual capital management.

The field trips include site visits, knowledge sharing meetings, networking and presentations of international best practice organizations, workshops in high ranked business schools and participation in forums and conferences in which many industry experts from internationally well-known companies talk about their challenges and the solutions they have taken to encounter them.

Throughout these visits, beside invaluable learning opportunists that are provided in the presentations and workshop, the participants have the opportunity to participate in leadership discussions and network with the other participants and the delegates of the host companies. The participants can put forward their companies’ challenges and discuss their pitfalls. It will help the participants to obtain a broader and different point of view about the issues and challenges. It may lead to modifying their process or, mission or even enhancing their vision. It can make the path toward their vision more crystal clear especially provided they have taken rather similar approach as the host company.

There are also great deals of advantages in such visits from a cultural point of view to the both sides. In one hand the hosts perceive participants country’s market requisites and cultural preferences on the other hand both participants and hosts will find the right potential partners and form and maintain positive relationships.

We abide by MAKE award code of conduct in all of our Benchmarking visits to international best practice organizations.

To name some of the best practice companies that we have paid benchmarking visits up to now:

KMSchool’s workshops by high profile faculties of international business schools have been held in the location of the host business schools up to now. To name some of the collaborator universities:

The participants of international benchmarking visits have participated in the presentation sessions and workshops by many industry experts. To name some of them:

And many other presentations by industry experts from best practice companies presented in the conferences and forums that we participated.

Some of our respectable partners in holding international knowledge sharing visits include World Knowledge Forum, Korea Knowledge Management Society, TENEO meetings, Conocimiento Y Creatividad S.L.N.E. , Pablo Pena from Telefónica, Kym Hyogun from Ewha Womans University and Dr. Ing.Alfeis.

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