Inaugurated in 2012, e-Know as e-learning development business unit in International Center for Knowledge- based Management (INCKM) was found to facilitate and accelerate dissemination and transfer of knowledge. INCKM has benchmarked the best e-course products from all over the world and relying on its experienced researchers’ ideas and passion and collaboration of its high profile partners include academic and industry experts from Middle East and Central Asiahas come up with the best approach in developing e- courses and is now producing fully interactive and rich content e-learning materials.

Toward INCKM vision and mission, e-Know is devoted to aid organizations in all aspects of their management disciplines and make them more dynamic and capable of keeping up with the fast paced changes in the business requirement. Hence, a wide range of multimedia workshops on different subjects in collaboration with our international professors and experts have been and are being developed that are accessible online allowing the subscribers with heavy schedule benefit from the courses at their own pace and choose their own preferable timing that fits best to their daily timetable.

These online courses target organizations of all sectors and facilitate the connection and interaction between the industry and academic communities and inter industry learning opportunities. E-Know’s online courses and workshops deliver comprehensive and interactive learning experience in the selected topic that can be considered a viable alternative to traditional education methods. As it is not location based learning opportunity it is also highly recommended to the companies with many branches scattered in different geographical locations.

Not only e-Know does develop rich electronic courses useful for any enterprise, but also its customised courses are among its services that have received a great approval by its clients. The specialised and customised courses addresse the specific needs of the client to disseminate knowledge throughout the enterprise in a timely manner that fits the requirements of employees.

For more updated information on the latest available courses or requesting customised courses, please contact our center.

To name some available courses:

  • Innovative Business Management
  • Value Creation from organizational Knowledge
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Management
  • organizational Asset Management
  • Feasibility Study of Industrial Projects
  • Marketing Management
  • Entrepreneurial Management
  • Intellectual Capital Management

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