Formerly, known as Knowledge Management Research Office, this office was inaugurated in 2007. Having been recognised as the most influential entity for Knowledge- based Management trainings and programs; this centre was officially promoted to International Centre for Knowledge-based Management (INCKM) With representatives in several West Asian Countries. Comprised of the most certified talented enthusiast researchers and experts of the region and maintaining long term positive connection with the most certified and prominent experts and professors in management disciplines in all over the world, this centre acts as the core of the organisational development services in region and offers a wide spectrum of services to the organisations of all sectors as well as academic society in the Middle East and Central Asia

INCKM’s members have valuable research experiences in knowledge- based management and their research projects’ results are available for its clients and some of their research results have been disseminated in certified journals and conference proceedings.

Some of INCKM’s missions are as follow:

  • Creates and maintains long term positive collaboration with international centers and institutes to expand an effective networking.
  • Studies the enterprises’ states quo and in an interactive manner finds their strengths and weaknesses in their Knowledge- based management approaches
  • Researches on fundamental questions related to mapping, codifying, extracting, and utilising various forms of knowledge in organisations and measuring and communicating the enterprises’ knowledge state.
  • Develops novel approaches, models and tools to help enterprises sustain their core knowledge-based competencies and competitiveness in the knowledge economy.
  • Trains enterprises’ people to have a knowledge- based thinking, decision making and performance and enables them to have the acumen to act proactively in todays’ complex highly competitive business environment

Our true expertise comes from our thorough and constantly updating knowledge of our client’s status quo and leveraging their human resources to address their requisites. Toward its vision and mission, INCKM offers many services to those enterprises that are looking for enhancement in all of their management affairs.

We believe that there is no one-fits- all approach to any of enterprises’ management aspects. Hence, we found it the best approach to rely on the enterprise’s people as the main change leaders within the enterprise and have started training the leaders of the enterprises to be knowledge- leaders.

On the one hand, considering different levels of organisations’ maturity, special needs and sensibility of Knowledge management security, the enterprises cautious about their core competencies find boosting their internal capability to enhance the knowledge- based management the best approach to take. On the other hand, people of enterprises are familiar with their organisation’s culture; know about special needs of the enterprise. This interrelationship accentuates the importance of the fact that all the enterprise’s people whose decisions can influence the enterprise, should be nurtured to have a knowledge- based thinking, acting and decision making acumen. Therefore, taking into consideration their past experiences, their enterprise’s strength and weaknesses, its specific characteristics, limitations and its scope, the nurtured people will act as the enterprises’ best advisors and practitioners. We approach this goal through diversified kinds of services. To point out some the services and business units in INCKM:

  • GlobalPath: Expanding and maintaining international network of INCK as its core competency is among the fundamental functions of GlobalPath. GlobalPath is a bridge between to international business world trough strengthening all the other services offered by INCKM through holding international best practice and benchmarking visits and workshops, international advisory services, partnership with high ranked international business schools, invitation of international keynoters, experts and advisors from all over the world etc.
  • KMSchool: As one of the largest centres for management studies in Centeral Asia and middle East KMSchool offers several official training courses annually; include several workshops and master classes. More than 85 short courses based on the most prevalent requisites of organisations such as organisational learning, knowledge- based management implementation, knowledge network, research and innovation in knowledge based enterprises, intellectual capital management, etc. have been held successfully by our international lecturers up to now.
  • Long Term Management Programs: Deepen knowledge and expertise is not what can be established in a course of few mounts or even years. Long term programs that offer executive degree programs are invaluable opportunities that the audiences are provided with. We go to partnerships with international universities and institutes to accredit the offered programs internationally and open up new avenues to the international business world for the participants.
  • e-Know: To provide more convenient, flexible training opportunities to the delegates and companies in different locations, INCKM’ e-Know brand is active in producing e-learning courses, workshops with standard and customised context according to the special requisites of its clients.
  • KIIC Forum: Serves as one of the largest forums in the region for sharing and disseminating best practices, this forum has worked in conjunction with last round of MAKE award annual assessment and MAKE Award closing ceremony in Middle East. Every year over 500 delegates from more than 150 organisations participate in this forum. Among different programs of this forum opportunity to take part in international speeches and workshops, best practice sharing sessions on knowledge Management, innovation Management and Intellectual Capital Management stands out.
  • Dedicated Advisory and improvement Plan: Different training services as part of comprehensive collections of services in Advisory and Improvement Plans are being designed and delivered based on status quo and gap analysis of the applicant organisation to meet their specific requisites.
  • KM international Network: The KM Network is another service offered by INCKM - it holds congresses based on the MAKE Framework dimensions. In each congress some international experts and professors give invaluable presentations.
  • MAKE Certified Knowledge Expert (MCKE): MAKE Award international tests are designed to recognise the test-takers’ organisational understanding of the MAKE Framework; knowledge-based, innovation and intellectual capital management concepts; and tools and applications.
  • K-Talks: In the spirit of knowledge sharing, many international experts, award winners and practitioners in various fields of study talk about their ideas, efforts and studies in their field of interest. Researchers and experts from Middle East participate in these congresses.
  • International Best Practice Tours: INCKM holds international best practice sharing tours in which the participants can take part in different conferences and benchmarking visits hosted by international pioneer enterprises. In benchmarking visits, participants have interactive meetings with the host enterprises and discuss about their challenges and approaches in taking knowledge- based vision in their enterprise and benefit from the insights of the best practice enterprises.

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